Candies | Nail Art

My first post, is about my favourite design, I called it 'Candies' because many people said my nails looks like candies with this fresh colors.
For gradients, I usually use a little make up sponge. It makes the fusion more soft.
The day I did this, I was wearing a Lacoste T-Shirt, and my new awesome lipstick from Dior, n° 566.

-Nail polishes used in this design-
Maybelline base strengthener
Rimmel 058 (Collection 'I love fruities')
Colorama Rosa Tropical
Impala Disco Ball
Colorama Glitter Prata
Colorama Extra Brillo

I hope you enjoyed it!

3 comentarios:

  1. Looks awesome, i hope to see new posts soon!

  2. Me parece una manicura muy dulce, te ha quedado muy bien el degradado, yo es algo que no sé hacer muy bien jeje.